About Us

The plan presented here stems from an extensive year-long collaboration between the American Clean Skies Foundation (ACSF), a Washington D.C. based non-profit, environmental groups, community organizations and a talented multi-disciplinary group of consultants.

Principal roles were played by Matthew Slavin, founder of the Sustaingrup, an urban development consultancy, and the Alexandria office of the Cooper Carry architectural firm, led by David Kitchens, Layton Golding, Allison Bickers, Brandon Lenk and Katie Peterschmidt.  Major contributions were also made by Russ Archambault of RKG Associates, a fiscal and economic consultancy, and Pete Altman of Westpath Realty.  MJ Bradley and the Analysis Group advised on utility planning and reliability issues.  The team also relied extensively on the advice of ACSF’s outside counsel, David Lubitz of Schaner & Lubitz.

The American Clean Skies Foundation initiated Potomac River Green and brought this planning team together as part of its ongoing program to expand the country’s clean electricity options.  By showcasing the potential for repurposing sites now used by some of the oldest and least efficient power plants, we hope that the power sector’s transformation will be accelerated and the constituency for change enlarged.

In the next decade, as stricter air and water pollution controls take hold across America and cleaner generation options increase, tens of other aging coal and oil-fired power plants will be retired.  As with the Potomac plant, many of these sites are likely to provide attractive redevelopment options.  Indeed, numerous such projects have already been completed and a companion ACSF report – “Repurposing Legacy Power Plants” – profiles some of the most instructive cases.