American Clean Skies Foundation CEO Greg Staple Comments on the Closing of the Potomac River Generating Station

Washington, D.C, Oct. 1, 2012. – The American Clean Skies Foundation, designers of a $450 million plan for transforming this site, is proud to be part of the community celebration today.

“We are pleased to join others – who worked longer and harder – to improve the health and economy of residents by proposing a vision for this property once GenOn shuttered the Potomac River Generating Station,” said American Clean Skies Foundation CEO Greg Staple.

In July 2011, ACSF released a study showing that the coal-fired plant could be retired without affecting power reliability. In August 2011, ACSF unveiled a real estate development plan – dubbed “Potomac River Green” – that reflected a yearlong effort by architects, urban planners, financial advisers and utility consultants to comprehensively reimagine a community-based use for the site.  Three weeks after unveiling the plan, GenOn announced its decision to close the 62-year-old plant.

Potomac River Green proposes a vibrant riverfront park, a mixed use of LEED-certified homes, office and retail space, a clean technology incubator and a clean energy demonstration center.

“We hope that our vision plays an important role in redevelopment of the site. The proposed demonstration center could anchor this site, attracting visitors who want to see the promise of cleaner fuels,” Staple said.

The plant’s retirement will bring an end to decades of harmful air pollution. In 2010, the plant used more than 400,000 tons of coal and emitted more than 1.1 million tons of CO2, as well as 1,145 tons of NOx and 1,400 tons of SO2.

ACSF, a Washington-based nonprofit, was founded in 2007 to advance America’s energy independence and a cleaner, low-carbon environment through expanded use of natural gas, renewables and efficiency.

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